Future Orientation
As the millennium approached, we had conceptualised the creation of a truly global market with few restrictions and fewer technological barriers. Such a scenario never came to be; the world has moved from one standard to another. Markets have been volatile and the global move towards deregulation and open and fair competition has seen many setbacks. Nonetheless, as Pakistan positions itself for the future, institutions such as the CAC will play a key role in regional socioeconomic development. This connection, where we envisage allowing technologies and human capital to enter our market freely, will be pivotal in opening up the true value of Pakistan’s economy.

Appreciative of the need for a global view of our issues, we have always kept our network of partners internationally as well as locally.

We would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to thank the Chairpersons of the CAC: Rector NUST, Engineer M. Asghar Sheikh and Professor Emeritus NUST, Engineer Dr. M. Akram Sheikh. It is they who had the foresight and vision to fully support, at the highest levels, the mandate of the CAC. Given our history, legacy and organisational culture, their leadership and progressive outlook has allowed the CAC team to fulfil the objectives they had set out. We shall also express our sincerest thanks to all the Industry and Academic Co-Chairs of the Committees; despite the demands of their professions and respective Industrial units, they have been more than forthcoming and enthusiastic in their support of the national cause we set out to serve.

We may all work together and make our motto a reality: Think, Collaborate and Build. With the spirit and intent expressed above, we are excited to share with you the CAC experiences.