Humble Beginnings
During the first quarter of 2010, an idea began to take root in the collective conscience of NUST’s senior management, based on the existence of a conceptually fertile land of thought at its disposal. Located in the heart of Pakistan’s capital, NUST had access to some of the best minds in the country. Most importantly, NUST had access to the highest echelon of industrial and intellectual leadership of Pakistan.

In April 2010, NUST initiated the formation of a national Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) whose main objective, at the time, was to link NUST’s academia with the Industry and to create a mechanism whereby the University, with the help of private and public decision makers, could be at the forefront of the knowledge economy.

Our journey has been through its natural peaks and troughs. We have had many moments we consider humble triumphs; we have faced many challenges; and we have experienced many divergent views. The one constant that has been greeted with open arms by all stakeholders is the core idea. The spirit of national development is echoed by our members and partners.

It is a great source of pride for us that the CAC began its journey very humbly. Despite having taken on board some of the most influential industrialists (from industries such as Engineering, Automotive, Banking and ICT), our team and our investment into the Council were marginal. We believed at the time, and this belief has stayed with us, that ideas and human capital should be the driving force of the CAC. NUST’s initiative was to be led by the force of conviction rather than the traction of finance. Today, with a very small, lean and highly ‘ideas-oriented’ team, the CAC manages 11 sectors of the economy (in reality covering the entire spectrum of economic activity within a science and technology paradigm) with some 120 active members of the Council. We have managed to forge long-term investment relationships with Industry notables such as the Millat Group, ICI, Huawei Pakistan and even foreign companies such as NRG Bio-fuels of Canada.