Idea Generation Sessions - FICS 2016

A unique aspect of the competition, “Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions for Society (FICS)” is the opportunity to connect student teams with seasoned Industry professionals. CAC arranges these interactions in various forms; such as inviting senior business leaders and entrepreneurs as speakers, arranging top professionals as student mentors, project evaluators, sponsors etc; however, the most valuable interaction, specially from a learning perspective is inviting seasoned professionals from the Industry as part of the “Ideas Generation” exercise. These specialized workshops are organized by CAC during the first stage of FICS and entail inviting Industry experts and gurus for motivating students. These sessions are also designed to increase student awareness about social problems and assisting them in coming up with innovative approaches for solving these issues. These Idea Generation Sessions not only help students think of pertinent social problems, but also assist them in coming up with out-of-the-box solutions. 

This time, these interactive Idea Generation Sessions were organized in the month of December 2015 and January 2016 in various NUST School and Colleges. Following distinguished speakers were invited for the sessions; 
  1. Mr. Zain Rehman Managing Partner, ANZ Partners Ltd. was invited to deliver the first talk of the Idea Generation series at NUST Business School (NBS) on 10th Dec 2015.
  2. Mr. Ather Imran Nawaz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board Director Sybrid Private Ltd. delivered the second talk at the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS) on 14th Dec 2015.
  3. Mr. Iqbal Mustafa Khan, President Alachisoft and a silicon valley veteran was invited on the same day i.e., 14th Dec, 2015 to deliver a talk at SEECS.
  4. Mr. Salman Farooq, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Smart Brain and QExpress Pvt. Ltd. delivered his lecture at Samar Mubarakmund Research Institute of Millimeter and Micrometer Waves (SMRIMMS) on 15th Dec 2015.
  5. Mr. Umair Shahid, Program Manager, Islamabad Civic Innovation Lab (ICIL) addressed the students of SEECS on 15th Dec 2015.
  6. Mr. Imtiaz Rastgar, Chairman Rastgar Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd., who is amongst one of the pioneering members of the CAC Auto Sector Committee delivered a lecture at     School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME) on 16th Dec 2015.  
  7. Mr.Nauman Ahmed Khan, Chief Software Architect at MERMAID Technologies Denmark, addressed the students of Applied Engineering and Computing (IAEC) on 17th Dec 2015.
  8. Ms. Sameeha Fazeel, Manager and Lead R&D Team at Packaging (Pvt.) Ltd delivered a lecture at Atta-ur-Rehman School of Applied Bio-Sciences (ASAB) on 17th Dec 2015. 
  9. Mr. Sayyed Ahmed Masud, CEO Channel 7 Communications (Pvt.) Ltd., CEO Change Mechanics and an avid supporter of FICS delivered his lecture at NBS on 17th Dec 2015. 
  10. Mr. Ahmed Bilal, Technical Field Consultant National Instruments(NI), United States has been actively involved with FICS since the last year. Ahmed visited NUST on 28th Dec 2015 to deliver a very motivating talk at the Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E).
  11. Mr. Muhammad Aliemuddin, Manager (HSEQ), Attock Refinery Ltd. delivered a lecture at School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME) on 29th Dec 2015.
  12. Mr. Owais Anjum, CEO eMumba & President, Islamabad Chapter of OPEN delivered a very power-packed lecture at the Military College of Signals (MCS) on 6th Jan 2016. 
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