13. NUST-School of Art, Design & Architecture (SADA) Mid-Jury of Graduating Batch

The mid-Jury of Industrial Design Projects was held on 26th April, 2017. The Students of the graduating batch of the Industrial Design Program are set to be the pioneer batch of SADA Industrial Design in year 2017. In order to maximize the opportunities for their pioneer batch, the school administration sought assistance from Corporate Advisory Council in bringing Industrial Experts for the evaluation of the students’ projects. This initiative was aimed at educating the industry about the new program at NUST and aligning the curricula of this program with the needs of the industry. Moreover the step was taken with an aspiration to break the silos by cooperative and collaborative endeavors.  CAC provided the industry experts from its pool of industry partners. The overall exercise was not only limited to the showcasing of the projects but also it helped broaden the industry-academia collaborative base for the all such novel programs. The main purpose behind initiation of this new program is to compliment the Engineering Schools which is the main strength of the university. Adding the aesthetic blend to the engineering design of the students not only adds beauty to the design but it is the need of the todays engineering design to address areas such as ergonomics, accessibility, user experience, space management etc. The mid-jury exercise was initiated to ensure quality into the program by mid-course auditing and evaluating, getting feed-back to enhance knowledge management system and the most important factor of having industry experts to steer the direction of this new program. The industry experts provided valuable input and cross-discipline ideas and processes were further polished through this jury. The session turned out to be a great success and has set the motion for long-term engagements in the unexplored new knowledge areas.