4. NUST Innovators Forum Session (Healthcare)

NUST Innovators Forum was established in December 2016 to promote and commercialize applied research based projects of NUST. The convener of the NIF is Dr. Yasar Ayaz. Healthcare session of the NUST Innovators Forum (NIF) was held on 16th Feburary, 2017. Mr. Saad Liaquat – Head of Healthcare division, Interactive Group (IAG) and Dr. Talal Ibrahim – Head of innovation (IAG) were the representatives from the Industry. The session was held to discuss alignment of healthcare projects being commercially done by the Interactive group and where NUST can offer its expertise to form a collaborative framework between the two. Many possible areas of collaboration were discussed by both sides and considerable number of areas were mutually agreed to start the ground work on. Dr. Hammad Cheema from Samar Mubarakmand Research Institute of Microwave and Millimeterwave Studies (SMRIMMS) proposed the long-term engagement for R & D in healthcare domain for which research areas will be provided by Interactive group. Dr. Murtaza Najabat of Bio-medical Engineering Sciences (NUST) who is already working on prototype development of bio-medical sensors proposed to provide cost-effective equipment to IAG which was readily accepted by the industry representatives. Dr. Usman Akram from EME College who is already working on database management of hospitals was asked by the Industry representative to form a collaborative arrangement since it will assist Interactive group in establishing Hospital data-base applications which is one of their core business area. Similarly, Dr. Attia from ASAB School will be provided by useful data for studying climatic and cultural trends on health of people of Pakistan that will assist the ASAB School to conduct long-term study on solutions to particular problems of people living in different climatic region of Pakistan. Overall the session was a success as it served as a pacemaker for collaborative arrangements for other industries and domains in future.