5. FICS’17 Idea Generation Sessions

Idea Generation Sessions are held in connection with the NUSTs' flagship program; Finding Innovative & Creative Solutions for Society (FICS). FICS is a multi-stage competition in which students submit their technology-based solutions to the problems faced by the society. These Ideas are submitted online via FICS website portal (fics.seecs.edu.pk). 

Before culmination of Stage 1 of FICS; CAC organizes special “Ideas Generation Sessions” for prospective FICS participants. The objective of these interactive sessions is to invite top professionals from the Industry to give a motivational talk to the students; urge them to come forward and participate wholeheartedly; and also identify pertinent social issues where student can possibly devise some technical solution to address any particular problem(s). The solutions revolve around the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) which are also the guiding principles for FICS. 
A series of sessions was held in various schools and colleges of NUST. In the month of January 3 such sessions were held.
a. Session at the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (SEECS):
Another Idea Generation Session in the month of January was held on 12th January, 2017 at Seminar Hall of SEECS. The domain of the session was Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and its use in various disciplines. The guest of this session was Mr.  Iqbal Mustafa Khan, Chairman Sabaq Foundation and President Alachisoft. Mr. Iqbal Mustafa Khan is an ICT veteran with considerable amount of experience and social welfare work. The session was structured by Mr. Iqbal in an interactive way, driven by questions from students to encourage maximum student participation. It was highly informative and focused session which was also attended by the faculty of SEECS. Many problem areas were discussed to assist students in finding innovative solution in these areas and participate with their ideas in FICS 2017.
Mr. Iqbal also provided an insight into peculiar problems of ICT industry and their solutions for those who want to start an ICT business. Students were keen to share their interests and queries regarding their own projects and start-ups.  
b. Session at the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences on ICT
for everyone:
The Idea Generation Session for FICS’17 was held on Tuesday 3rd Jan 2017 at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS). The speaker for the session was Mr. Parvez Iftikhar, a renowned ICT consultant who has held important positions like CEO Universal Services Funds (USF) and Country Head Siemens Telecom Pakistan. His talk revolved around the topic of “ICT for Everyone” – how ICT acts as a backbone for solutions applied in all domains, including Healthcare, Energy, Sustainable Cities, Bioinformatics, Bio-Medical Engineering, Energy, building design, Business Finance and industrial revolution.

Mr. Afzal Malik, CEO Universal Systems Engineering Networks (USEN) and General Secretary Signalians also gave valuable inputs to projects related to Internet of Everything (IoE), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The students and faculty from Biomedical Engineering domain at SMME and ASAB students also attended the session. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the session, the students and faculty engaged in a healthy question & answer session at the end.
c Session at College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering:
A FICS Idea Generation Seminar was conducted in Saeed Akhter Auditorium in College of E&ME on 18th January, 2017. Healthcare domain was the topic of the session. Renowned individuals from the Bio-medical industry were a part of the panel discussion that took place to help the students understand the technical and legal issues associated with the bio-medical industry. Students were encouraged to bring forth their ideas in the healthcare domain as there is a huge gap and potential in the healthcare market. Among the panelists, were Dr. Najeeb Azhar, Visiting Professor in the Biomedical Department at Devry University, CA, Mr. Afzaal Malik, CEO Universal Systems Engg. Network and Mr. Owais Anjum, Silicon Valley Veteran with 17 years of experience in product design, technology management and leadership. Students of EME attended the session along with their faculty. Commandant EME Brig. Tariq Javed graced the occasion with his presence. At the end of the session Brig. Tariq expressed his interest in further holding more sessions of healthcare to assist those students of EME that are aspiring to pursue healthcare projects in FICS 2017.
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