10. Curriculum Improvement: Departmental Curriculum Review Committee (DCRC) Meetings at various NUST Schools/Colleges:

Curriculum improvement is one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the Council where it is guaranteed that existing curricula is improved & new curriculum is introduced at various levels at NUST, bringing the curriculum up to date with market requirements. In this context, interactive sessions were arranged between Industry experts and NUST Faculty to gain valuable insights. Four sessions were arranged in total; details of which are mentioned below:

a: 1. Departmental Curriculum Review Committee (DCRC) meeting with the
Industry at Mechatronics Department of NUST College of EME

Quality Education has always remained the prime focus of NUST and its constituent schools and colleges. In order to stay abreast with the evolving times and technologies, the curriculum review committees of respective departments frequently hold meetings with the relevant Industry to fine tune their curriculum. One such session was held by Mechatronics department of College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (CEME) on 27th of April, 2017. The meeting was attended by Mechatronics Faculty and representatives from the Industry brought on board by Corporate Advisory Council (CAC). Renowned personnel from the industry took part in the session and provided their valuable input to reflect on the changing needs of society, industry and consequently the curriculum. In continuation of this meeting another detailed session for revision and finalization of curriculum review was held on the 4th of May and was attended by a broader set of faculty and industry representatives. The administration of EME College expressed its satisfaction over the coordinated efforts and expressed its enthusiasm towards the enhancement of cooperation with Corporate Advisory Council in future industry related sessions. The DCRC is the first step towards change of curriculum. The changes proposed have gone through University Curriculum Review Committee (UCRC) and will eventually pass from Annual Council Meeting (ACM) to HEC finally for approval. 

b:  Departmental Curriculum Review Committee (DCRC) Meeting at
Research Center for Modelling & Simulation (RCMS) School:

Curriculum Review Session for the courses being offered at the NUST Research Center for Modelling and Simulation (RCMS) was held on 13th of June, 2017 at the RCMS Conference room, H-12, NUST, Islamabad. CAC has assisted in bringing on-board prestigious doctorate level industry experts having extensive R&D experience from research organizations such as NESCOM, AWC, SAARC Energy Centre, and Interactive Group etc. NUST being the leading educational institute of Pakistan holds such events to get Industry input and feedback into their current curriculum and develop new curriculum as per Industry needs. Such exercises help to revise and enrich NUST curricula in an effort to train students according to the requirements of the Industry. This, in turn, improves the employability of our students, and contributes to socio-economic development of Pakistan. The changes proposed were taken up to Apex curriculum body and will eventually be approved by HEC for incorporating them.

c: Departmental Curriculum Review Committee (DCRC) Session held at School
of Natural Sciences (SNS)
Department Curriculum Review Committee (DCRC) for Department of Chemistry, NUST School of Natural Sciences (SNS) currently happening in SNS Conference Room, NUST. MS/PhD courses of Chemistry are being reviewed as part of the drive to improve the curriculum and bring it up to date with market requirements. An excellent interactive session between Industry experts including Scotmann Pharmaceuticals, Attock Refinery Limited & Schlumberger - and Academia to gain valuable insights to improve existing Curricula, arranged by CAC.
CAC would like to thank NUST University Advancement Office (UAO) and Alumni Office for their support in providing subject matter experts from NUST Alumni for the session. The changes will pass through the formal curriculum review channel and be presented before HEC for final approval.