Cultural Immersion Program of Pakistan (CIPOP)

Cultural Immersion Program of Pakistan (CIPOP) is the first of its kind cultural immersion program in Pakistan. The program will give opportunities to students to engage in different cultural and research activities. Over the course of six weeks, students will engage in cultural/social research, cultural games, quizzes and competitions, group discussions. They will get to hear some of the top Pakistani voices from around the world in a series of seminars focused on cultural/social topics. They will work closely with other students in teams, making life long friends. They will get an unparalleled exposure which cannot be compared with any other program for Pakistani students in Pakistan or abroad.

Moreover, it always looks good on your resume to have research experience in areas of social/societal importance. It also shines out on your grad school applications if you’ve done research in a developing country on topics of social importance. This module is the most rigorous module of the program. It includes literature review of the research topics that can have a major impact on the Pakistani society. Students will be divided into teams and each team will work with a NUST faculty member on their chosen research areas. Students will choose their desired research area upon registration. Faculty members will be allowed to tailor this module according to their research interests and will be required to share their plans with their respective teams before the start of the program. Due to the research intensive nature of this module, it is recommended for third or higher year university students only, however other students can also take it.

If you’re more into entrepreneurship, we have the “Business Module” for you where you’ll get to develop your business ideas and pitch them in front of a panel of judges. Moreover, we’ll have speaker sessions where you’ll get to hear different industry experts.

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