FAQs What is the lasting impact of building CAC on NUST and Pakistan?

Universities have a significant and pivotal role to play in the development of nations and economies. CAC was developed keeping in view the 4 basic functions of a university, and is playing a fundamental role in achieving the third, fourth and fifth functions described below.

1st: The most basic function of a university is to teach and to award degrees, which is no higher than the role of a college.

2nd & 3rd: The second and third functions are academic and industry-based R&D, both of which are being fulfilled by NUST.

4th: The fourth function is to contribute to policy development at the national level.

5th: The fifth function of a university, based on its pool of the most fertile minds in the country (faculty, researchers, and students) is to create a dynamic Knowledge Ecosystem – a platform for technology incubation, business development and commercialization.