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In 2018 Innovation and Commercialization (I&C) Directorate initiated NUST Faculty Placement Program which is the first such program for any Pakistani university to place its selected researchers in the industry.

Prime objective of this program is to provide faculty an opportunity to be enlightened with industrial environments enabling them to initiate industry-related research, undertake processes improvement as well as innovative work and provide technical support in a multidisciplinary environment. Moreover, it provides substantial benefits to the industry as the faculty is able to provide them with solutions of the up-most challenges faced by them. It provides them with the opportunity of R&D requests and development as well.

In 2018, I&C.Directorate was able to secure 13 faculty member placements in well renowned industries across Pakistan for a period of 1-2 weeks in the months of July & August 2018. As a result, faculty members were successful in highlighting the strengths of NUST to the industry and initiated 26 new R&D projects of our students. Moreover, the program enabled NUST to secure 05 internships/ job positions along with potential of 05 professional training’s to be conducted by experts of NUST.

Similarly, in 2019 – 21 faculty members were placed in renowned industries such as Health, Textile, Bio-Tech, Manufacturing industries in Pakistan.  As a result, 46 new R&D projects, 48 internships/job positions and 14 professional training’s were secured.

Each year there are Two Cohorts – Winter & Summer Cohorts during the semester breaks. The industry requests the placement of relevant faculty via CAC. The placement can be for a period of days to weeks as per available time slots.

To avail the opportunity; fill the form available in downloads section or email at: [email protected]

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