Welcome To CAC
        CAC is an emerging platform that facilitates academic-corporate collaboration, enabling a co-operative environment to all its stakeholders in order to find better ways for synergizing and solving corporate problems. CAC harnesses the knowledge capital of the leading university of the country and provide practical solutions to shared challenges impeding success of the industry. Company owners and organizational decision makers with varying job functions and titles actively participate in CAC initiatives to maximize their throughput and revenue by optimized functions and informed decisions.
Dr. M. Akram Sheikh, Founder and Co-Chairman CAC, Professor Emeritus NUST, Former Deputy Chairman , Planning Commission of Pakistan
The CAC was a completely new concept for Pakistan, and an experiment that was undertaken with the objective of building a unique platform for building university-industry collaborations that would bring meaningful results for the economy of Pakistan. In a period of less than 2 ye... read more

Dr. Shahid Mahmud, CEO Interactive Group of Companies, Industry Co-Chair, CAC ICT Sector Committee
The CAC was formed with the vision of having the industry and academia in a perfect symbiosis, with the academia providing the industry skilled human resource and innovation. The CAC ICT Sector Committee is working on a clearly defined roadmap which is needed for encompassing all... read more

FICS'18 Stage 1 Idea Registration is now open
FICS'18 Stage 1 Idea Registration is now open. Last date to register your Idea for the competition is Thursday, 30thNovember 2017. ... read more